Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drayage/Material Handling?
A trade show’s general contractor will charge you a material handling fee for all freight received to your booth. This charge covers our use of their advance warehouse to store your carpet prior to the show, and the delivery of the carpet to your booth. Material handling is based on the weight of the carpet, and it is different for every customer. We accurately account for this expense on our quotes, so you will always know an estimated material handling cost up front. Even after material handling charges, Under One Roof is less expensive than a show’s general contractor. 

How can your prices be so low? It sounds too good to be true! 
We offer a better quality carpet for a less expensive price, it’s just that simple. Under One Roof strives to help exhibitors save money on their trade show expenses, and we offer competitive pricing that reflects that commitment. 

I thought you said you were less expensive than the show prices! Why does the general contractor list a better price in the show kit?
Always double check what a general contractor is advertising in a show kit. Many times they offer used aisle carpet cut in 9’ widths at a discounted price. We simply cannot compare our carpet with these prices. Under One Roof offers new 10’ carpet that is custom cut to match the exact square footage of your booth.

What other services do you provide?
Under One Roof provides all types of flooring and installation and dismantle labor for trade shows in every major market. We use professional installers and have our certificate of insurance filed on time with the shows. We can arrange for carpet rental or purchase, custom dye carpets to any PMS # and also do logos. Types of flooring we offer: carpet, interlocking foam tiles, carpet tiles, hard rubber tiles, turf, linoleum, etc. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, let us know and most likely we offer something that will suit your needs.

What are my color options?
We offer a wide variety of carpet colors. To view our color selection, please click here. If you do not see something that will suit your needs, let us know! Chances are we can find something that will fit the bill. Still not sure? Ask your sales representative about carpet samples.

What is included in your price?
Our price includes custom cut carpet, pad (optional), installation, dismantle, and visqueen. 

What is visqueen?
Visqueen is the plastic we cover the carpet with after installation to protect the carpet on the show floor.

Will my carpet be installed on time?
Yes! In most cases, we ship our carpet to your show’s advance warehouse. That means that your carpet is already waiting at your booth before our installers arrive. Are you scheduled for an “early move-in” time? Just let us know! We are always willing to accommodate your busy schedule come show-time. We are committed to making your booth set-up process as painless as possible.

What is an electrical diagram, and why do I need to send it to you?
Should you decide to place an order with Under One Roof, we ask you to send in a copy of your booth’s electrical diagram. It does not have to be anything fancy—our installers just need to know where your main power source(s) will be located. Sometimes we need to make small incisions in the carpet to accommodate electrical outlets.

Are you sure we can use your services? I thought that we were required to order carpet through the general contractor!
We are an Exhibitor Authorized Contractor (EAC). We pay liability insurance to every show, and we are completely authorized install your carpet. Still not sure? Ask your sales representative for a copy of insurance.

If I use your services, will I have to fill out a bunch of extra forms?
The only form we need you to fill out is a completed carpet order form. As an added service for all of our potential customers, we fill out and send in EAC forms for you. We are committed to saving you time and hassle.
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